Reviews of the Top Bisexual dating sites in the UK

With the world changing and evolving every day, it is no longer news that more and more people are coming out all the time as being bi-sexual in their orientation especially in the UK. For these people, it doesn't come without challenges, bearing in mind that not everyone shares this kind of orientation with them. A bisexual though doesn't have a problem finding a partner of the opposite sex. Where the problem does occur is in getting a partner of the same sex unless of course, the partner is bisexual too. This is not however too common.

To solve this problem of stressing to find a bisexual or a partner of the same-sex, Bisexual Dating Sites were created with more being created in the UK. These sites are actually a place where bisexuals come to find partners either for love or for a fling. In the U.K, a lot of sites are available for bisexuals. There is a list below that shows some of the Bi-sexual dating sites in the UK. These bisexual websites, however, do replace real-life meetings and dates, but it is an avenue to create such meetings. It can also help reserved people to find partners, especially when they find it difficult to have a face to face interaction with people. Also, it is convenient for people that are usually busy, and for those who are worried about what people might say about them when they practice it openly. It is important to also note that since the advent of social media, the internet has become somewhat of a safe haven to build relationships. This is not to say however that the internet is one hundred percent safe for relationships and hook up, but it sure provides a platform for people to actually express themselves and get what they want.

#1 BiCupid Review 5 Stars

bicupid review

Dating sites are fascinating examples of how technology mediates our intimate lives. Bicupid is among the largest and best bisexual dating sites. Whether you are a bi-couple or a single person, this site will offer you fun and some new connections. Bicupid can connect you with people who are open-minded, willing to explore their sexuality, chat and hook up; and in the process guaranteeing your safety and security. This site is the first, biggest and most secured dating site designed mainly for bi-curious and bi-sexual people. Read More »

#2 LGBT Date Review 4 Stars

lgbt date is one of the dating sites in UK which provide dating opportunities for bisexual, Gay, lesbian and transgender and the gender and date you need according to the requirement specified and it also offers you with some instructions as well as some people nearby you who are willing to date. It is the only site in the UK which provide you with the exact people as specified, the advantages using this website is that it don’t have any fake accounts and every person using this site is verified and true. Read More »

#3 BothWays Review 3 Stars


There was a time when bisexual was not even considered lawful sexual orientation. However, over the years people have begun considering the bisexual society as authentic and real. The trend has ultimately given rise to the idea of online bisexual dating sites like both ways. It is a bisexual dating UK site that offers a platform where individuals from all walks of life can link with each other, find a compatible colleague and explore their sexual orientation. Read More »

#4 Gaydar Review 2 Stars


Finding the right partner has proven quite futile in the past for many people. This can be because of time constraints and/or simply because of numerous attempts to find your ideal mate, which end up disappointing. For many who’ve tried online dating, the results are not all the same. Some online dating sites have limited resources or information on them to really help point someone in the right direction. Read More »